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Begonia Maculata Wightii

Last batch coming soon!

Here's a link to our instagram post explaining why we chose to sell ours with a sustee.

Trust me, you won't be sorry. Sustees are amazing and we highly recommend them for any fussy plants.

If you miss out, hang in there, we should have another batch next weekend!

Care tips:

Pot your begonia in preferably a 10 cm nursery pot, with a mix of orchid bark and at least 30% perilite.  Keep the mesh on for now, as the roots are small and may be harder to repot.  You can remove once it is more established and the weather is warmer.

Invest in a fungal treatment.  I used "Fungus Gun" by Yates on these guys, but they will need another treatment in a couple of weeks.  Begonias are prone to mildew in winter, as a lot of Australia has cold mixed with humidity, which is a dangerous mix for these delicate plants.

Do not wet leaves or stems when watering and keep indoors during winter, as they do not like the cold.

If you have not had a Wightii before, or have had one die on you, please use the sustee provided.  We are not trying to promote the sustee brand, we are trying to arm you with the best situation to help yours thrive.  Begonias can handle dry soil more than they can handle soil that is too wet.  The sustee will tell you when it is time to water by turning completely white.  Please give your sustee 24 hours after giving your plant a good soak to turn blue.  Blue indicates it does not need water--white means water is needed.

Place your Begonia in a well diffused lit spot for warmth.  They do not tolerate cold temps.  Please reach out to us with any questions!  Good luck to all of you!




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