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Bring on Spring: Tips to Prepare for the 'Growing Season'

  1. Adjust your watering. Just as you would have adjusted your watering regime for winter to account for the slower growth, with the warmer weather and new growth you’ll notice your plants getting a lot more thirsty! Start sticking your finger in before you water to get an idea of how quickly the soil is drying out and water accordingly. If you’re unsure (or don’t like getting your fingers dirty), try using a moisture meter (sustees are great) until you’ve got a feel for it.
  2. Re-Pot/Pot Up. Spring is the best time for re-potting, as your plants will be keen as to stretch their legs and start producing new root growth. Re-potting now when the roots are actively growing will encourage them to fill out their new space and reduce the risk of root rot. Remember though, always think about your plant and weather it should be re-potted or potted up. Many plants won’t like to go too big too soon, so never pot up more than a few centimeters larger than the old pot.
  3. Spring time = feeding time. Now is the time to hook yourself up with a quality indoor plant food ( The plant runner indoor plant food is our favourite!) and start the feeding schedule. Your plants most likely won’t have had any fertilizer for the last few months, but with the warmer days and extra sun, your plants will be in growth mode. Giving them a feed while they’re actively growing helps give them a boost. Remember there are only so many nutrients available in a potting mix until your plant has used them all up, so feeding regularly while the plant is actively growing will give it the extra nutrients it requires.
  4. Watch that Sun. If you shuffled your plants to get more light over winter, you might need to shuffle them back again as you get more sunlight coming through the windows. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the direct rays of the sun and not letting anything get scorched and adjust the plant positioning as necessary. You might be able to shuffle a few plants back to a darker corner of the house as more light creeps in, so take the opportunity to re-style and give your place a new look.
  5. Get pruning (if necessary). Spring is a great time to give your plants a freshen up especially if they’ve struggled a bit over winter. Feel free to grab some good secateurs and trim off any unfortunate leaves that might have yellowed off or started to brown. If you’re keen to propagate, prune what you need and place them in a propagation vessel. Pruning helps to develop new stems and reduce long leggy growth.
  6. Spring Clean! Take the opportunity to get in the habit of cleaning your plants. Washing the leaves with a natural leaf shine like Plant runner's Neem oil will help increase the plants ability to photosynthesize and respire. Always clean both sides of the leaves and enjoy the lush new look!
  7. Buy some more plants! This one is self-explanatory. Its spring, treat yourself!                                                                                                            Many thanks to The Plant Runner for letting us share their blog. Some excellent advice here. The complete blog can be found on their website here:
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