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Costa, Tammy and Gardening Australia

A few weeks ago we were contacted by our friend Tammy, who is known as @leafanimpression on IG.  Tammy is a horticulturist and garden writer who hosts plant workshops, provides indoor plant advice and consults, and was one of our very first customers years ago when Green Beanz first started.  Tammy would be filming a kokedama workshop with Gardening Australia and asked if we would allow it to be filmed in our shop.  We told her we would have to think about it...not really...we were elated and said yes immediately!
The day before the filming, we were working frantically to get the shop in the best condition.  I was trying to figure out the best background for the camera crew and make sure it was super lush with plants. A staff member set the fire alarm off by vacuuming (I know, weird) and the fire brigade came for a visit. Stressful, but mission accomplished.
The next morning at 8 AM, Tammy and I arrived to await the film crew and Costa.  Tammy looked fabulous as always, and every single Green Beanz staff member
showed up to see Costa.  The moment he walked in was like the Queen was visiting Green Beanz.  Costa walked in, made everyone feel at ease, and focused on Tammy, who was to be the star of the show.  His warmth, knowledge and kindness was palpable.  
Costa did everything to help Tammy feel comfortable, the epitome of a good host.  Tammy and Costa had great energy and seemed to click.  I think Costa has that energy naturally, as all of us were comfortable immediately and wanted nothing more than to hang out with him!  The staff and I giggled a few times listening to the action in the back room like a bunch of school girls.
Lunchtime came, and through jokes and laughter, there was also a serious side to the conversation.  Costa spoke about his travels and what he had been doing recently.  He highlighted a very important cause-- the National Seed Bank-- located in Canberra. Developed by the National Botantical Gardens, the new building will "help safeguard Australia's unique flora for generations to come" (  . The goal is to help protect native plants even while facing environmental challenges and climate change. Costa spoke of his support for this program and why he felt so passionate about it.
When the day was over,  we felt honoured to be part of something like Gardening Australia and to see how the crew worked seamlessly together and shared laughs and support of Tammy.  
We would like to especially thank Tammy for thinking of us, as it was an honour to be part of something so wonderful.  The plant community is and will always be, the best.




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