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How do I care for my Philodendron White Princess?

Hi everyone!  Misty here. I thought I might add a quick blog about the baby Philodendron White Princesses that have been purchased this week. I have grown my own princess the past few months from a plant the same size as what has been on special, and I have had good results.   

Most young plants need help getting started to get to the point they are hardy and growing with minimal care.  With your new baby, ensure that it is in a pot 100mm or less in size.  Personally, I potted mine in a 60 mm pot and it is still in that size.  A good medium would be a mix of orchid bark, premium potting soil, and perlite.  This helps adequate drainage-- which is essential for any plant with small roots--and to help surviving the colder months of autumn and winter.

When you pot your princess upon receiving, ensure that all the leaves-- including the tiny baby ones-- are not touching the soil. This is another reason it is important to pot in a small nursery pot, as it helps the plant sit high. This is vital to help all the leaves flourish and grow.  You will discover that any leaves left sitting on soil may turn brown and die from sitting on damp soil for too long. When watering, ensure no water is left on the leaves, as the ones with white variegation can turn brown from water sitting on top for too long.  I learned this the hard way.

Last, but not least, give your princess bright indirect light, as this is important for optimal growth.  My princess is still putting out new leaves, even with the temperature getting cooler and daylight ending sooner. Let your plants' soil go almost completely dry between watering, as with the cooler months it takes longer for soil to dry out, and the plant is not using as much energy to grow at this time.

One last note.  With any plant that has high levels of variegation, the less green on the plant, the slower the growth.  If you receive a plant from us with a great deal of white, it will be smaller than the rest of the stock, and will take longer to grow.  Even though it is beautiful, this is the downside to having awesome variegation.

I hope this has been helpful. We all learn through trial and error, but it is nice to have a few tips on what helps a certain plant be more successful.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions!  Thanks, Misty.



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