Store opening, birth of blog

Hi all, Mick here. I'm sure everyone knows by now we opened our store yesterday. What an amazing day. Misty and I were both very emotional as it's been a crazy 6 years for us and a real rollercoaster ride. We feel very lucky that we can pay the bills doing something we love. I'm still very much learning about plants but I try to watch and listen in to every conversation (and there are many lol) and am slowly picking it up. I love mingling with the customers though and am not scared to chat your ear off either- ex barista, we all love to talk. Thank you so much to everyone that came in, hugs were given, gifts were given, hearts were touched. Cheesy I know, but honestly we had no idea how many amazing relationships we had formed in such a small amount of time. You guys rock! We'll try our best to manage online and in store and keep everyone informed as to what's going on, new plant arrivals, sales etc, but please forgive us if we're a little late posting updates. I'm sure it won't be too long before we settle in to a routine and we're in this for the long haul.

Mick and Misty xx

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