Customer spotlight


Name – Dawn

Age- 32 

Location- Sydney

Favourite colour- Duck egg blue

Favourite food- Pasta and noodles

Favourite season- Autumn

Favourite music- Indie folk, RnB, pop, EDM, musicals

Favourite animal- Moochi, my lovely shih-tzu

Non- plant interests?

Photography, baking, cooking, painting, travelling, hiking and binging Netflix.


I love my Thai Constellation! Also a big alocasia and philodendron fan! My favs are my Alocasia Watsoniana, Philodendron Verrucosum and Pastazanum. Would love to get an El Choco and Anthurium Regale one day too (when they’re not so $$$).

How did you find Green Beanz?

I stumbled onto Green Beanz in an article recommending the best nurseries in Sydney. I was looking for a plant shop that does local delivery and that sells a variety of plants at affordable prices. 

What got you into plants?

Lockdown got me into plants. I moved houses just before lockdown and needed to decorate the place, so I thought – why not get a few plants to brighten up the rooms? Now I have about 60 plants (I think? I stopped counting). Indoor gardening is a great hobby to have and a fantastic way to de-stress.

One thing (other than plants) you can't live without?

Technology :)