Customer spotlight

Name - Inna

Age - 33 

Location - Adelaide SA 

 Favourite colour – Jacaranda purple  

Favourite food - Thai fusion/ French/ Italian

Favourite season – Spring 

Favourite animal – Giraffe 

Favourite music – I love a good movie soundtrack. Obsessed with the Blade Runner soundtrack (original and new)  

 Non- plant interest - Movies, hiking, watercolour painting and my dog (Gotham). 

Unicorn - I love my Thai Constellation but she’s not so much a unicorn anymore. I’m on the lookout for an Philodendron Jose Bono.  

How did you find Green Beanz? Instagram suggested it to me, smart advertising.

What got you into plants? My grandpa. He has been into plants since before my dad was born. His garden is filled with flowering plants. I want to be like him when I’m retired.