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72B Erskineville Rd

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72B Erskineville Rd

Erskineville 2043

Thur, Fri, Sat 10-4  Sun  11-2

Customer Spotlight


Name: Sarah

Age: 23

Location: Brisbane City


Colour: Green is my jam, I love the depths it has

Book: The Wandering Inn by PirateAba

Food: Lasagne,  a good slice of Lasagne just hits different

Season: I love early Spring, when the plants are still waking up from winter and starting to show you their potential for the season, the new growth  the flowers, the fruits its all on show

Animal: Octopus, insanely intelligent, funny and quirky creatures, certainly not what you expect. 

Music: Rammstein, my favourite forever, I can listen any time any mood and they have always had a song or two that reflect my state of being.


Non-plant related interests: 

My plant collection is only matched by my book collection and my fascination with palaeontology. Its my dream to become a palaeontologist, maybe even have a specimen named after me!


 Favourite plants:

I have always had a love for cacti and succulents, namely sedum, my current favourites are sedum Angelina and varigated sedum. I am growing into an aroid passion as well, but what can I say, I love all my plants I couldn't really pick one over the others.


 Your unicorn:

I dream of a monstera borsigiana albo variegata or a varigated adansonnii but I don't have pockets deep enough just yet!


 How did you find Green Beanz?

My sister actually found it first then recommended to me.


 What got you into plants?

My family has always had indoor plants around, my parents used to own an indoor plant hire nursery when I was young  i guess it's so normal for me to have plants in the house that I find it disconcerting to not have plants in the house