Customer Spotlight

Name - Jess

Age - 35

Location - Geelong, Vic

Favourite colour - Blue

Favourite food - Italian 

Favourite season - Summer, I love the heat, the warmth and the beach. 

Favourite animal - Dogs, I am a big dog lover and have 2 German Shepherds. 

Favourite music - Metal 

Non- plant interest -  Funko pops and anything pop culture.  I’m a big Marvel universe fan and currently building a funko pop room which has plants and pots that match the pops. 

Unicorn -  Aglaonema Pictum Tricolor! It’s the top of the unicorn Wishlist right now. 

How did you find Green Beanz? I was googling plant places one day and found Green Beanz, now It’s my number 1 online place to buy plants. They always arrive in perfect condition and the plants are so healthy. Plus the customer service is amazing! 

What got you into plants? I’ve grown up in a family of plant lovers and I was a late bloomer ( how good are plant puns) to the plant world, and over the last 2 years I’ve grown my indoor collection from 10 plants to over 200 inside.