Customer Spotlight

Name: Emily 

Age: 22

Location: Murrembateman, NSW

Colour: Deep red

Food: I love fresh sushi, I think I'd choose to have sushi every day if I could.

Season: Autumn, how can you go past all the beautiful colours in nature during autumn?

Animal: Birds, we have lots of parrots and I adore every single one of them. We recently adopted a gang gang cockatoo and he is obsessed with looking at my plants- it's the most adorable thing.

Music:  I love old songs, anything from the 50s, they wrote the most amazing love songs back then.

Non plant interests: 
Well we have quite a few animals so I spend most of my days just hanging out with my babies, we recently rescued some baby goats so they're keeping my hands full!

Fav plants: 
I really love variegated plants of any sort but monstera have to be my favourite. Thai constellations are my all time favourite plant, I also really love all types of Pothos, they're simple but you can do so much with them and I think that makes them really special.

Well I've finally got a monstera albo borgisiana! So I can't say there's very much on my unicorn list now, just excited to watch all of my plants grow 🥰

How did you find Green beanz?
I was up late just googling my little heart out hoping to find a website with some plants other places didn't have and sure enough I found Green Beanz. I was blown away with how many different types of plants they had and couldn't resist making an order.

What got you into plants?
Bonsai. Unfortunately I didn't used to have the greenest thumb. I would do my best to keep plants alive and often failed until I got a bonsai- which seemed to be quite easy to keep alive funnily enough. From there I got into house plants and here we are, I now have 500+ house plants and about 70+ bonsai and love every single one of them.