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72B Erskineville Rd

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72B Erskineville Rd

Erskineville 2043

Thur, Fri, Sat 10-4  Sun  11-2

Customer Spotlight

Name: Rio

Age: 47

Location: Canberra


Colour: Red, White and blush Pink

Book: The Magic String of Frankie Presto and Strength in Stillness

Food: Sushi and Sashimi, Curry (specially the rojan josh dish of my friend Stephy), Pasta and all Asian Noodles…yummy

Season: Summer

Animal: Comet – our old dog

Music: All the songs my kids listen to 

Non-plant related interests: Bags, Tea cups and saucers, Earrings - I always buy earrings but not necessarily for my use, I just collect them J and vintage stuff -I can spend long hours in an antique store browsing J 

Favourite plants: Plenty! I love begonia frost or silver frost, it gives a Christmas vibe, Begonia Serratipetala, I like its pink polka dots and shiny color, Anthurium Crystallinum, the glittery leaves and velvety feel, Callisia rosato and Soleirolii because they are both growing crazy! And everything that vines and climbs. 

Your unicorn: Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight – I want a big pot full of treubii



How did you find Green Beanz?

Green Beanz was mentioned and recommended in one of the plant groups I’m in. Now, I am a regular visitor of your online store :) 

What got you into plants?

It started back in Singapore, the place where we used to live is inspired by nature. I was particularly fond of this majestic big and old tree and the jungle theme swimming pool. I then realized how greens can change the mood of a place. So, I started buying potted plants and put them around the house

Now, when I am looking after my plants, I have hours of silence. I find those hours very calming and healing. Great stress reliever!

Thanks and congrats Rio!!