Customer Spotlight

Name - Kimberly
Age - 25
Location - Seymour, Vic
Favourite colour - Yellow
Favourite food - My mums spaghetti
Favourite season - Spring! I love the change from cold into warm weather and the growth on my plants!
Animal - We have 4 cats and 6 dogs that I absolutely adore and they would have to be my favourite animals!
Music - I like all music!
Non- plant interest - Art! I absolutely love drawing, mostly plants and animals
Unicorn - I really would love to own a big Hoya Burtoniae one day, they're really gorgeous
How did I find Green Beanz? I was recommended by my friend Ana! She has bought some really gorgeous plants from you so I was really excited to purchase from 
What got me into plants? My friend Ana introduced me to the Facebook group CIPPA and it just snowballed out of control from that haha I wasn't in the best place in my life and plants just have such a warm and comforting energy, I've never looked back.