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Rhipsalis campos-portoana

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Botanical name - Rhipsalis campos-portoana

Common name - Rhipsalis

Plant info - The scientific name, Rhipsalis, is from the Ancient Greek word for "wickerwork," referencing the plant's form. Native to Central and South America, and the tropical forests of South Africa, Rhipsalis are one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. There are over 35 different species of this plant, so Rhipsalis can come in all different shapes and sizes! These plants are stunning and are perfect for on top of a cupboard or high shelf, where they will beautifully cascade down with their glossy, trailing leaves.

Plant care - When re-potting your Rhipsalis, use a cacti and succulent mix with lots of orchid bark or perlite and they need a very well draining soil. It will need a warm spot with bright to moderate indirect light. Allow your plant's soil to dry out in-between watering and use less water through the cooler months. In Spring and summer, fertilise once a month with a good quality liquid fertiliser.  

Growing in a 175 mm pot.  Local delivery only.

Local delivery only due to size/weight/fragility. Please check eligibility in post code checker found on this page before adding to cart.

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Due to this plant's size/weight/fragility, we prefer not to ship it. Please only add to cart if you are in our local delivery zone. If you simply MUST have this plant, please email us at and we may possibly accommodate you.

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