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Sustee Aqua Meter

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Are you killing your plants by being too generous on the watering side of things? Or are you one of those busy plant parents who simply forget?

The new Sustee ‘watering checker’ has landed in Australia and this clever little device can tell you when to water your plant and when not to.

Pop your fail-proof device in your pot plant and you’ll be at ease for quenching your plant’s thirst!

After watering your plant the Sustee device absorbs moisture at the root level, just like your plant, then the level of absorbed water rises and the indicator gradually becomes blue.

It takes about 10 minutes to turn completely blue after watering. You will know it's time to water when the colour changes from blue to white. It's really that simple!

Sustee stays in place so it does not disturb your growing roots. Sustee size S is best for small or shallow pots with plant roots about 5cm deep


Is the device recyclable?
Can I take it out and move it to another pot?
Yes! Just make sure you let your sustee dry for 24 hours before putting it into another pot.
Can I use it on any type of plant?
Yes! As long as it's in a pot.
What is the best size sustee for my pot?
Please see the attached size chart for help picking the right size sustee.

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